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Initial Business Setup

If you are thinking of starting your business or buying a existing business. We can help you with the process of becoming a business owner. It can be overwhelming if you haven't ever experienced the process before. We can help you determine what your business structure needs to be. Writing a business plan to help you obtain lines of credit,business financing, or grants for non-profits. Setting up your accounting and bookkeeping systems. Whether you are a small one owner business or plan to be a large corporation we can guide you in every step of the way.

Formation & Tax Structure

Most start up businesses or even existing ones need guidance on their legal formation and tax structure. We work closely with attorney's to make sure the right legal structure is put in place for your business. Legal structure is important not only when determining taxation but also limiting your liability.

Accounting Systems

We can custom fit an accounting system to meet your business needs. Proper setup of your accounting system helps you and your business work more efficiently. We can help you utilize your accounts receivable, accounts payable, and inventory systems to better service your business and customer needs.

Policies & Procedures

We can help you institute policies and procedures. Many businesses don't have proper procedures in place to protect their assets.We have worked with many businesses to customize procedures to help safe guard their cash & inventory. Proper procedures deters theft.

We can help you write policies for your employees, sub contractors and vendors.

If you are a company with employees it is imperative that you have an employee manual. If you employ sub-contractors you also need a policy and procedure contract.

Quarterly Reviews

For many people taxes aren’t just something that happens during tax season. If you have a Business, Gas Royalties, or just changes during the year; it is important to review your situation throughout the year. Many tax preparers will tell you as long as you have paid 90% of the tax you owed the year before you are fine. That is true for interest and penalties however don’t you want to know what you are going to owe come tax time. We have found that most of our clients do. No one likes surprised when it comes to what you owe on taxes. We prefer to work with our clients to prepare them for the changes they face throughout the year. Estimated tax payments are due April 15 th , June 15 th , September 15 th & January 15 th . If your income changes any time during the year, give us a call we can review your situation and let you know how it is going to affect you and your tax return.

Tax Return Preparation



Quick Books Training

We offer individualized training for you and your employees. The training if customized to your specific business.We can guide you through all aspects of Quick books from the initial setup to the tax information needed to prepare you return.

We will teach you how to utilize the accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory and payroll systems.

You will be able to access reports and data to help you with business planning.


We handle all aspects of payroll. Setup your employer reporting accounts, depository accounts and workers compensation account.

Pay your employees or teach you to do your own payroll. Process your employer payroll deposits.

Process your employer quarterly reports.

Year end reconciliations and W-2's

Business Consulting

Business Consulting encompasses all the topics listed in this web page. We can evaluate your current business or help you start a new one. We have worked with many businesses to expose the weaknesses in their operations. Help improve operations, accounting systems, employee policies and procedures,any aspect of your business that needs evaluated we can handle.


Similar to Quarterly Reviews, Planning is important for many clients that are trying to maximize their assets and minimize their taxes. Many people face life changes. Did you get married, have a child. Is your child going to college? Are you retiring or want to figure out how to retire early? Did you sign a gas lease or negotiating one? Have you been faced with an unfortunate situation like the loss of your spouse or child? Are you going through a divorce, the way a divorce decree is written can have a huge impact on your tax return? Many people don’t understand how support payments affect their tax returns. You are already dealing with a bad situation; you don’t want it to be any worse. These are just some of the situations that affect your tax return. Any time you have changes occur you should call to ask how is this going to affect me. We will work to make sure you get the best outcome.

Gas & Oil Taxation

Gas & Oil Taxation can be confusing for many. It is important to talk with your accountant while you are in the process of negotiating the lease. Many of the Gas Companies will tell you that damages aren’t taxable. That isn’t always true. The way a lease is written is extremely important. I work very closely with the attorneys to make sure that you are not only protected as the land owner but that your lease is written to give you the best tax outcome.

If you have already signed your lease and need to know how it is going to affect your taxes. Many individuals not only want to know how much they are going to owe in taxes but also want to make the most of the money they receive. Common questions are: do I pay off my mortgage, do I put money away for my children’s college, do I invest, do I gift part of the money? What are the gift tax rules? What if I give a large sum to my church or favorite charity? What is deductible what isn’t? There are many questions that come with Gas & Oil. There isn’t a one size fits all answer. Every tax return is unique. The best way to handle these situations is to call and make an appointment. We can review your information and make decisions that will give you the best outcome.


Julie Gatrell has been in accounting for over 20 years.
She is a registered Tax Return Preparer certified by the Internal Revenue Service.

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